School Data Sync Deployment Guidance

  1. Overview of School Data Sync and Classroom

  2. CSV Files for School Data Sync

  3. School Data Sync required attributes for PowerSchool Sync

  4. How to deploy School Data Sync by using CSV files

  5. How to deploy School Data Sync by using PowerSchool Sync

  6. How to deploy School Data Sync using Clever Sync

  7. School Data Sync errors and troubleshooting

  8. School Data Sync - One Roster

  9. School Data Sync Toolkit

  10. My Power School Connection Fails

  11. What SISes and MISes does School Data Sync support?

  12. What is School Data Sync?

  13. What is the rostering schema?

  14. How do I deploy School Data Sync?

  15. What apps work with School Data sync?

  16. Where is School Data Sync available?

  17. How does School Data Sync protect student information?

  18. Why doesn't my Customer Preview promo code link work?

  19. I received a 403 error when uploading CSV file using the Sync tool. How do I fix this?

  20. I received error 404 when running the School Data Sync Toolkit cmds. How do I fix this?

  21. Can I store and/or upload my CSV files if they are in a ZIP file format?

  22. Are the header names within the CSV files case sensitive?

  23. What are the requirements for accessing the SDS portal, and managing Sync?

  24. What happens with sync when my data changes in my SIS, or within my CSV files?

  25. Adding a Secondary Teacher

  26. Is there a character limitation for the SIS ID in the Section CSV file?

  27. Do I need to create more than 1 sync profile if my teachers and students are associated with different domains?

  28. Can I use both alpha and numeric characters for the School SIS ID?

  29. Why are Teachers or Students missing in the Organization tab?

  30. What attributes are synced with SDS?

  31. How can we export data from the SIS to Microsoft’s required CSV format?

  32. Can the SIS ID field for Sections contain spaces?

  33. What is the proper format for the Term StartDate and Term EndDate?

  34. Can I include optional attributes for sync if only some objects have a value populated for that attribute?

  35. Can I include empty columns in my CSV files?

  36. Do I need to remove the FirstName, LastName, and Password column if I’m not creating users through SDS?

  37. Does Microsoft provide extractor tools for my SIS data?

  38. Can a teacher sync if they are assigned to multiple schools?

  39. Can we export the sync issues/errors?

  40. Can we hide Sections from the GAL? If so, how?

  41. Will the standard welcome email be generated when users are synced/added to each sections/groups through SDS?

  42. If a class is set to inactive status manually through Classroom, will SDS change that status on the next sync if the CSV or SIS is different?

  43. Will SDS automatically sync student changes or do we have to restart sync on a regular basis?

  44. If we remove a user or section from Classroom will they reappear when we sync again?

  45. Why is there a character limitation on email addresses in SDS?

  46. How to sync objects with a sis id or attribute value less than 3 characters, or are less than 3 characters and start with a 0.

  47. Object limitations when synchronizing with SDS

  48. Migrate from Classroom Preview to Teams

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