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  1. Can a course have co-teachers?

  2. Can I add/remove a student from a class?

  3. Can I become a certified trainer for Microsoft Classroom?

  4. Can I change dates for a grading period?

  5. Can I export all class materials?

  6. Can I extend a submission deadline for only some students?

  7. Can I extend Microsoft Classroom

  8. Can I get a landing page for all my courses?

  9. Can I import content from another LMS into Microsoft Classroom?

  10. Can I integrate my app into Microsoft Classroom or vice versa?

  11. Can I resubmit an assignment?

  12. Can I submit zip files?

  13. Can students or peers grade assignments?

  14. Conversations

  15. Creating Assignments

  16. Creating Classes

  17. Customize Classroom

  18. Deactivating Classes

  19. Deep Dive Videos on Microsoft Classroom (10 videos)

  20. Delete a class (spanish)

  21. Do I need an internet connection to use Microsoft Classroom?

  22. Do I need Office 365 to use Microsoft Classroom?

  23. Engaging Students with New Learning Tools

  24. Grading

  25. How can an admin see a list of courses a student is enrolled in?

  26. How can I integrate with School Data Sync?

  27. How do I add, delete or manage teachers or students in Microsoft Classroom?

  28. How do I change the dates for my assignment?

  29. How do I communicate with classmates on Microsoft Classroom?

  30. How do I create assignments?

  31. How do I create classes?

  32. How do I delegate permissions to teachers?

  33. How do I delete a course or class?

  34. How do I get started with Microsoft Classroom as a teacher?

  35. How do I get started with Microsoft Classroom as a teacher?

  36. How do I get started with Microsoft Classroom?

  37. How do I grade assignments Microsoft Classroom?

  38. How do I grant admin privileges to more than one person?

  39. How do I manage my assignments?

  40. How do I modify or delete my account?

  41. How do I reset my password?

  42. How do I restrict my teachers to create classes

  43. How do I retrieve a document I accidentally deleted?

  44. How do I submit my homework?

  45. How do I undelete a course?

  46. How do teachers communicate with students?

  47. How does Microsoft Classroom relate to Microsoft School Information Sync?

  48. How does Microsoft Classroom relate to Office 365?

  49. How much does Microsoft Classroom cost?

  50. I can log in but I don’t see my classes.

  51. I can’t log in. what’s wrong?

  52. I created a class but cannot add assignments. How do I fix this?

  53. Introducing Microsoft Classroom

  54. is it possible to add students using a list or a Excel file or using Office365 groups

  55. Is there an official support desk for Microsoft Classroom?

  56. Managing Students

  57. Managing Your Assignments

  58. Personalize Classroom

  59. School Data Sync Documentation Has Moved!

  60. School Data Sync Help and Support Has Moved.

  61. What APIs does Microsoft Classroom provide?

  62. What are system requirements to use Microsoft Classroom?

  63. What is Microsoft’s policy on safeguarding student information?

  64. What is the Microsoft Classroom Privacy policy?

  65. What is the rostering schema?

  66. Where can I suggest new features or report a bug?

  67. Who can create classes or assignments?

  68. Will Microsoft Classroom serve ads?

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