What are system requirements to use Microsoft Classroom?

Supported browsers

Microsoft Classroom is build using modern web technologies and designed to work with the current or immediately previous version of following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari.

Accessing Microsoft Classroom behind a Firewall

To ensure Classroom web app can communicate with server without any interruption, please ensure that network firewalls or proxies allow traffic on HTTPS port (443) with support for all HTTP verbs including PATCH and OPTIONS. Following domains should be white-listed:
  • classroom.microsoft.com
  • classroom.azureedge.net
  • *.classroom.microsoft.com
  • login.windows.net
  • login.microsoftonline.com
  • *.aadcdn.microsoftonline-p.com
  • ajax.aspnetcdn.com
  • clientlog.portal.office.com
  • portal.office.com
  • outlook.office365.com
  • *.aria.microsoft.com
  • *.msocdn.comcompass-ssl.microsoft.com (optional to see graphics on home page)
  • compass.xboxlive.com (optional to see graphics on home page)
  • widget.uservoice.com and by2.uservoice.com (optional to enable feedback widget)
Microsoft Classroom is part of Office 365 for Education, please see Office 365 System Requirements for more information.  

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